India: New practice of carrying secret executions is highly disturbing: Amnesty on Afzal Guru’s hanging

Published: February 9, 2013

New Delhi, India (February 09, 2013): It is learnt that an International human rights body named Amnesty International has condemned the hanging of a Kashmiri Muslim named Afzal Guru. The hanging was carried in a secret way by the Indian state on February 09, 2013 at Delhi’s Tihar Jail. As per reports the authorities did not handed over the dead body of Afzal Guru to his family and it was reportedly buried in side the Tihar Jail.

 According to Amnesty International: “Afzal Guru’s body was also not returned to the family for last rites and burial, in violation of international standards”.

As per another “Tweet” by Amnesty Intl., “AfzalGuru’s family say they were not informed of his imminent execution, a violation of international standards on the use of death penalty”.

 It is notable that Amnesty has expressed it’s views on the controversial hanging through a series of updates on a social networking site called Twitter. More Tweets by @AIIndia in this regard reads as follows:

“It is not clear whether #AfzalGuru was given the opportunity to seek a judicial review of the decision to reject his mercy petition.”

“The new practice of carrying out executions in secret is highly disturbing (#AfzalGuru)”.

“Serious questions have been raised about the fairness of #AfzalGuru’s trial”.

“Execution of #Afzal indicates a disturbing and regressive trend towards executions shrouded in secrecy and resumption of death penalty use”.

“Amnesty International condemns secret execution of Mohammed #Afzal Guru”.

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