Amritsar shoot-out: Criminalization of politics is the root-cause

Published: December 8, 2012

Hoshiarpur, Punajb (December 08, 2012): The ‘Sikh Youth of Punjab’ has termed the shoot-out in Amritsar as horrific and shocking.

“Our heart goes to family members of the ASI Ravinderpal Singh, who lost his life while defending the izzat of his daughter”, said party head Ranbir Singh and general secretary Manjit Singh.

They said the criminalization of politics was the root-cause of what happened yesterday in Amritsar.

File Photo: Sikh Youth of Punjab is youth wing of Dal Khalsa.

The commercialization and criminalization of politics by both the main parties Congress and the SAD have posed serious danger to the society.

They said Akalis were known for their simplicity and sobriety but ironically now their lifestyle was almost opposite to it. They alleged that people with criminal bent of mind has penetrated into its rank and file of the SAD. They said Badals had done enough damage to the society at large by allowing these criminals to have a field day. They asked Badals to cleanse their party from bad elements.

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