Letter to the Editor: Canadian PM Stephen Harper’s visit to India

Published: November 14, 2012

Canadian PM went to India to have good friendly and business relations with India. But the headlines we generally saw in the news media about PM’s visit dealt with Indian Govt’s concern about Sikh extremists in Canada. That is because the guilty conscience of Indian politicians force them to raise the issue of Sikh extremists with Canadian PM.

The Indian ruling Congress is always scared that Canadian PM might question them about 1984 Sikh Genocide and failure of Indian Govt. to punish the guilty in 28 years. So Indian Govt. tries to divert the attention and make false accusations of Sikh extremists in Canada.

Stephen Harper with Manmohan Singh

Canadian PM Stephen Harper with Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh

Can anybody from Indian Govt. explain how their smart Intelligence agents know every thing about activities of Sikh extremists in Canada? But why those smart Intelligence agents act dumb and don’t know anything about guilty persons who killed thousands of innocent persons in 1984? In 28 years they have failed to know anything about guilty persons in India’s capital city but they know every thing about Sikh extremists in foreign country Canada. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous? How much can we believe their such false accusations about Sikh extremists in Canada? And how come Canadian Govt. or CSIC don’t know anything about those extremists and their activities?

Thanks to Mr. Harper for telling Indian Govt. and media that where as Canada is against terrorism activities but at the same time Canadian citizens are given the right to Freedom of Speech to express their views in peaceful ways. May be the Indian Govt. should learn that from Canada and give same rights of freedom of speech and express their views to Indian citizens.

Kanwal jit Singh Gill
Surrey, B.C.

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