Historical Hatred between Hindus and Sikhs again haunting Punjab

Published: June 12, 2010

With connivance of Badal-BJP ruling alliance, Hindu extremist organizations, motivated by their inherent hatred, are wildly active in hurting feelings of Sikhs. So many events have happened in past few weeks that indicate towards rise in this trend.

Sikhs at Sri Akal Takht Sahib on June 6, 2010 to Observe Holocaust Day

Sikhs at Sri Akal Takht Sahib on June 6, 2010 to Observe Holocaust Day

Whereas Sikh organizations are working in cautiously in democratic way in order to recognize their struggle for maintaining separate and unique Sikh identity, without giving any opportunity to anyone to nail them; the Hindu extremist organizations are proactive in committing provocative assaults on Sikhs.

Sikh organizations seem to be willing to further their cause in most possible uncontroversial way; as controversies provide opportunities to the State to crush them. But the Hindu organizations, that are struggling even to prove their negligible existence, use more provocative tactics.

Many Gurudwaras were turned to be "Police Camps" to prevent Holocaust Memorial March

Many Gurudwaras were surrounded by the Police and many others were turned to be "Police Camps" to prevent Holocaust Memorial March. Even Sikh devotees were prevented from entering Gurudwara on 1 June 2010 at Chapparchiri at Mohali.

Last week Hindu organizations were successful in their designs to prevent Sikhs from organizing ‘Holocaust Memorial March’ to observe 26th anniversary of armed attack on Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar (in 1984), which is recognized by Sikh masses as the beginning of third holocaust of Sikh history. Many Hindu extremist organizations, including newly formed Hindu Takht Organization, Shiv Sena (Hindustan) and Hindu Surakhsha Samity issued a warning to the Punjab Government that in case the Government failed to prevent the ‘Holocaust Memorial March’, these Hindu outfits would themselves prevent the march at any cost. As the march was to remember those Sikhs, who laid their life for Sikh cause; Hindus opposed it. This march was later banned by Punjab Government, which asserted that the organizers, i.e. Shiromani Akali Dal (Panch Pardhani), supports the ideology of Khalistan, thus it can not claim any democratic right in India. Ban was hailed by Mahasha Press as a “historic step”.

On the other hand on 5 June so-called Hindu Takht Organization placed a highly provocative hoarding at Ludhiana glorifying Former Indian Army Chief, Arun Vediya, as a hero. The date,  June 5, coincides the date of armed attack launched by Indian Army on Sri Darbar Sahib. Moreover highly disgraceful language was used for Sikhs killed by Indian army during June 1984, as they were termed as “terrorists” and “dariney” (evils and monsters).

A view of Yag held by so-called Hindu Takht Organization at Patiala on 6 June

A view of Yag held by so-called Hindu Takht Organization at Patiala on 6 June

On 6 June, 2010 various Hindu organizations, in order to hurt feelings of Sikhs held functions to celebrate the (so-called) victory achieved by Indian Army in “Operation Blue Star”, army code name for attack on Sri Darbar Sahib. Ramayan Paaths were held by Hindus to pray for Army Men killed during attack on Holiest of Sikh shrines. It is notable that this attack (in 1984) was widely celebrated by Hindus, who distributed, in joy and happiness, sweets and intoxicants among Army personnel who killed thousands of innocent Sikh pilgrims in Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) complex.

Sikhs' "Holocaust Memorial March" was banned by the State but Hindus were allowed to hold a march from Mandi Gobindrarh to Amritsar

Sikhs' "Holocaust Memorial March" was banned by the State but Hindus were allowed to hold a march from Mandi Gobindrarh to Amritsar

Pawan Gupta of Shiv Sena (Hindustan) flagged clear a march, on 5 June, 2010, by Hindu extremists from Mandi Gobindgarh to Amritsar to participate in functions to be held there, by Hindu organizations to celebrate the 26th anniversary of OBS. While talking to media persons, as per reports of Mahasha Press, Pawan Gupta called Shiv Sean workers to remain ever ready to give any sacrifice for Hindu Samaj (society). He said that Shiv Sena and Hindus would oppose any memorial for Sikhs killed by army during ‘Operation Blue Star’. He said that those killed by army were “terrorists” and “killer of Hindus”.

“Shiv Sena and Hindu society would celebrate 6 June as ‘Victory Day against Terrorism’ every year” Gupta asserted.

Hindu Organizations announced to recruit Hindus for their armed force, called Hindu Dharma Raksha Vir - A news clip from a Hindi Daily in this regard.

Hindu Organizations announced to recruit Hindus for their armed force, called Hindu Dharma Raksha Vir - A news clip from a Hindi Daily in this regard.

In a similar function held by Hindu Takht Organization (HTO) at Patiala, Sanjeev Hari, Mahamandleshwar of HTO announced that Hindu extremist from 1 July onwards HTO and other Hindu organizations would recruit 1000 Hindus, in every district of Punjab, as Hindu Rakhsha Veer (Hindu Security Personnel). He said that special training would be provided persons, so recruited.

Now, another provocative announcement is made by HTO that it would observe death anniversary of General Arun Shiridhar Vaidya, former chief of Indian Army, who led the Army during June 1984 attack on various Sikh Gurudwaras, including Sri Darbar Sahib (also known as Golden Temple, Amritsar) on 10 August 2010.

It is noteable that Badal-BJP alliance is more active in preventing Sikhs from holding public activity but is actively and continuously conniving at disruptive activities of these Hindu organizations.

No incidence of violence or threat of violence against Hindus is recorded in Punjab since many years but Rajiv Hari (HTO) maintained that it is necessary for Hindus to keep their own force (Hindu Dharma Rakhsha Veer) as the Government has failed in protecting life, liberty and property of Hindus in Punjab. He denounced any faith in State’s security forces and announced that about 20,000 persons shall be recruited by his organization, to whom special training shall be provided.

All these developments indicate towards ever-present ethnic conflict in Punjab. Vested interests of Badal-BJP alliance in suppressing peaceful and democratic activities of Sikhs and allowing Hindu organizations like HTO, Shiv Sena and Hindu Surakhsa Samity to continue with their disruptive activities would further deteriorate the situation, because ethnic conflict between Sikhs and Hindus is not a phenomenon, which could be used for political interests. Such ethnic conflict is inherent in group psyche of both the communities and its roots lies in historical hatred between Sikhs and Hindus. Opposition offered recently by India Canada Foundation, to petition moved in Canadian Parliament, seeking recognition to Sikh Genocide (1984), is another outcome of such historical hatred.

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  1. Wow says:

    [Note: Following comment is submitted on false name and email. But after due consideration, we have decided to show it on website as it indicates towards the gravity of hatred possessed by opponents, as is discussed by the author of above article.]
    How immature the writer of this artiicle is. As if Sikhs have divine birthright and all else are evil. 1984 can’t be an excuse for all the evils committed by Sikhs. “Inherent hatred’ even as an idea is against everything our Gurus stood for. Grow up. Why not address real problems like Sikhs killing their own daughters by the tens of thousands.

  2. simran says:

    Hindus in canada are opposing petition for sikh genocide. they worry about socalled unity of indian community and try to safeguard their hindu Inida state by using deceptive language. if they are not guided by what the writer has termed as historical haterd, then what is that? what ever this Wow (whoever he or she is; i suspect he is purely hindu-minded hindu) has said is nothing but outcome of this hatered. Wow you need not to worry about Guru’s message, your people always favoured torture and supression on sikhs and Gurus. We can not forget chandu, gangu and sucha nand, lakhpat and jaspat, indira and rajiv, tytler, vaidya, sajjan, bhagat, nath and many others or nehru-gandhi-patel who broke their promises.
    we do not hate any one as such, but there are many who deserved to be hatred because of their deeds.
    real issues are that india is a murderer state and sikhs are slave in india, none else is the issue.

    simran randhawa

  3. Ping back @ Sikh Philosophy Network says:

    In my opinion this “hatred” is only confined to organisations and their leaders..RSS, BJP. Congress,Akali Dal badal…and its for POLITICAL ENDS. The ordinary joe Hindu sikh on the ground is friends…and for so long this gets votes..the charade of enmity will go on….
    Latets reports suggest this “enmity” is no longer enough to get votes..hence the new CASTE BASED REgistration of Votes….new DIVISIONS are necessary to hold on to power..the Chimmba Sikh must be made to hate the Jatt Sikh..the Ravidassish Sikh must be separated from Sikhi and sent to Dera Ballan/Benaras..the Mazhbhi Sikh must be sent his own way…etc etc….UNITY is BAD NEWS for these POLITICIANS !!….any type of UNITY..be it SIKH-HINDU Unity…SIKH-SIKH UNITY..SIKH-HINDU-MUSLIM UNITY…whatever type it is..UNITY is ANATHEMA to the DIVIDE and RULE mentalities of the leaders…


  4. Satpal says:

    There are tens of thousands of girls killed in Punjab by Sikhs certainly. However, if one compares within Punjab, the Hindu rate of girl killing is higher in every part of the Punjab. It is due to Hindu culture that women are so discriminated against all over India and killed in the millions. Other minorities get influenced by the negative aspects of Hindu culture too, sadly. For example, Christians have no caste system. Yet, there are Brahmin Christians, etc. who have their own churches and so on. In the west, Sikhs are exposed to fair and democratic ideals are far more able to practice the Sikh religion than in India.

  5. Satpal says:

    By girl killing I meant abortion of female foetuses. It is a nationwide problem in India with Hindus everywhere engaging in this and in Punjab Hindus have a higher frequency of it than Sikhs. In some parts, [Hindus] also kill girls after they are born while Sikhs would not do that. I remember in the mid-80′s in Canada, my Grade 11 Social studies book said that the Indian government encourages dowries to decrease marriages in order to decrease population. As, the girl killings, abortion, are caused by fears of dowries, I blame the Indian government. Hindu culture is also to blame. For instance, according to Hinduism, parents cannot go to a good afterlife unless a son performs their funeral rituals. In a Hindu scripture called the Manusmriti there are several laws against women that still are hanging around in practice too. It is rather bizarre when Hindus accuse Sikhs of having problems they have at higher rates and which are caused by them in the first place.

  6. Satpal says:

    Oops, in the above I meant to say in some parts of India Hindus kill their daughters after they are born too while Sikhs would not dream of that. In a documentary aired in the west, a Hindu proudly talks of having killed her daughter by giving her something that choked her. Some Hindus abandon their girls after they are born too.

    I will tell you about a Sikh woman in my town in Canada influenced by Hinduism in a very negative way. This woman had four daughters. When she was pregnant with her fifth child, her husband told her she and all the daughters would be kicked out if it was a daughter this time too. To her credit, this lady could not stomach getting an abortion, so various people convinced her to go to a Hindu priest in India. She told him the problem. He told her the reason she was just having girls was because when she was little, someone got her to poison a neighbour’s cow because they hated the neighbours and wanted them to suffer financially. They mixed the poison up in a treat and gave it to her and she unwittingly poisoned the cow. Then the priest did some hocus pocus to absolve her of this sin, for money of course, and said she would hav a boy. She did end up having a boy by chance and swears and was thankful to the Hindu priest. However, her problems with her husband did not end there. Eventually, she had to dump him. Had she come to me about the son thing, I would have told her to dump her husband. One should not stay with such a low down man nor have so many children with him in the first place just to try to give him a son.

  7. Satpal says:

    You know there has been some hatred between Sikhs and Hindus in Canada too, not much thankfully but still some caused by some actions. I will give you an example. The Sikh community of British Columbia was split into two over a hukamnama banning tables and chairs from Gurdwara langars. Things like this can happen sometimes. However, what made some people very angry was that Hindus who never went to Gurdwaras to worship got membership in Gurdwaras and went to vote to get the slates against the hukamnama in power and made them win (albeit they won only by narrow margins in most cases).
    We stopped talking to our Hindu neighbours because of it. They were people who called Hindu priest and performed dances in front of them as a part of worship and believed in Hindu gods and goddesses, threw glasses of water before the sun,etc. and were not into Sikhism or going to the Gurdwara. Yet they voted against the Hukamnama.
    They told us they were going to. Before I personally used to help them with errands, even going all over town one time to get them a lock for their door, my mom made them food when the old lady was sick, etc. We just told them we were disgusted with their behaviour and never spoke to them again. They tried before they moved away, but we refused. I know other Sikhs who also got really disgusted. I can’t see Sikhs going by the hundreds and hundreds and voting against some Hindu edict by getting memberships in Hindu Gurdwaras. They should not have done this. I even heard some of the memberships were made in a Hindu temple.

  8. Terry says:

    Hatred between sikhs and hindus is not new it has been with us since the time guru gobind singh ji created the khalsa, but it came into force after 1947 when the reigns of control came into the hands of the minority hindu brahmins, this hatred is not only targeted at the sikhs but, is also aimed at their own coreligionists ie.. the harijans and so on. in some parts of india people are killed just because he or she drew water from an upper caste well.
    until and unless the sikhs start unifying under one banner this hatered will only gain strenght at quashing any thing remotely connected with 1984.
    These hindu organisations are the brain child of one party which has the means and the funds to destablise punjab and that political party is bjp.unless and until the sikhs get a strong political party we will never be safe from the decitefull people who will use the chankya niti to forward their agenda to destroy the sikh phylosphy of live and let live.
    The political hindu activists are the only one who have the time for this hatered otherwise the normal hindus of punjab and other states are more worried about their daily bread and butter.
    Living in england we have no enimosity between the two religion that is because everyone has equal rights unlike india where one section of the community is given all the right and the minorities are surpressed beyond basic laws governing them. it should be the work of central governing body to ban all the racially motivated oraganisations of any religion.

  9. SURYA says:


  10. Pritpal Sindhar says:

    May Saachiyaa Patshaa Akhal Purakh Waheguru Ji guide as many more people as possible

  11. Punit says:

    your beloved pakistan cannot help u guys.i can see some good funny stuff you self proclaimed representative of sikhism have posted

  12. Amit says:

    You’re searching for issues where none exist.

    You’re inviting another 1984, this time on a global scale.

  13. Jot says:

    sikhs never originated from Hindus they are far different Hindus believe in more than 33 million gods and Sikhs only believe in 1 god, and also Sikhs are a martial race and Hindus are un-martial race way opposites To end this fighting a new Sikh country should be made Khalistan. Since India is Hindustan home of the Hindus we need Khalistan home of the Sikhs. Thats the only way to end this all fighting plus we all know India cant survive withouts the Sikhs since they are the muscle of India. Its like this Hindus are the brains and the Sikhs are the muscle. Thats why Sikhs are being treated like a second class to hold them back. I as a Sikh hope we form a new country. Since the Mughal rule Sikhs have saved Hindus lives from the Muslims risking there lives for the Hindus and the Hindus repay the debt by killing off innocent Sikhs which is betrayal. Sikhs have save India aka Hindustan from China, and Pakistan still Sikhs were killed in the country they saved. If it werent for the Sikhs all Hindus would have converted to Islam. Our Indian government is corrupt thats why India wont go far. Even with the prime minister is a Sikh its still a Hindu government. To end this all we need a new Sikh nation Khalistan in which all people will be equal.Plus thats the reason why Sikhs were also killed trying to make a new country. The Sikhs were promised a new country by the British when the British ruled when they gave power to the Hindus Sikhs asked them for the new country then the government said that time has changed no country for you. Before the British took over Punjab was never part of India so it should still be that not part of India. In the Sikh bible it said we needed a new country to survive and yey we need that. Even though without the Sikhs India cannot survive against Pakistan and China but what can we do its the Hindus governments fault because of this.